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7th Get – Together of SLBC Ex Engineering Officers

SLBC Ex-Engineering officers Get-together was held on 17th December 2017 with the participation of a big crowd at the Green Garden, Kirulapona for their 7th consecutive year. It was a sunny day and participants could enjoy throughout the day talking to their colleagues who met after a long period of time and taking part in various events organized by the organizing committee. The main objectives of forming the Organization of SLBC Ex Engineering Officers in 2009 were reflected at this Get-Together also all the  participants thanked the organizing committee for keeping on organizing such an event which has become one of their calendar events during the recent past several years. Some senior members who were not in  good health conditions to attend the event telephoned the organizing committee and conveyed their good wishes to hold the get-together successfully. Former DGM – Engineering of SLBC Mr. Lionel Pinto, who was a continuous participant since its inception encouraging the organizing committee, couldn’t participate this year as he was abroad on an official visit. Former Senior Engineer Mr. L.A.S.Fernando who had promised to participate informed at the last moment his inability due to poor health conditions. Mr. Thilak Ranasinghe, Mr. H.D.Somapala,and Mr.Patric Kaburupitiya also informed their inability to participate on the 7th get together as they were sick.

Day’s activities were started around 9 am with the breakfast of traditional Kiribath followed by welcome speech delivered by Mr. Sunil De Silva of the organizing committee. He thanked everybody who is present at the 7th get-together and he reminded the main objectives of forming this organization in 2009and how far we have already gone. Further he mentioned that at every year we managed to help at least one person who wanted our support to overcome their difficulties. He announced that this year also the organizing committee has identified Mr. H.B.Karunathilaka who is sick at the moment, to be given some financial support. He read a list of beneficiaries from the organization since its inception and further mentioned that we could do all those because of the donations received from our members or organized by our members through some sponsors. He requested young members to come forward and join the organizing committee so that we can continue for many more years providing a platform for SLBC Engineering Officers to gather once a year and share their views.

This year too some entertainment events had been arranged by the organizing committee. As usual many of the participants took part in those events of Musical Chair, Lime & Spoon Race arranged for both ladies and gents. A raffle draw had been organized and the winner was   Mr Upali Jayasinghe.  Those who reached the age of 70 were recognized by presenting a gift to remember their services rendered to the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. They were Mr. Thilak Malawara Arachchi, Mr. Nihal Abeysooriya, Mr. Sunil De Silva, Mr Saranath Coray & Mr.S.A.J.Rajapaksa.  Except Mr. Rajapaksa all others were present to receive their gifts. Former Director Engineering of SLBC Mr. T.D.Pathmasiri delivering a speech on a request made by the compeer thanked the organizing committee arranging for this get-together annually.

 He mentioned that he was happy to meet a crowd who worked behind the screen helping the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation to transmit its programs to listeners scattered all over the country.

Then Mr. H.B.Karunathilake was invited to the front to receive Rs.50,000/- cash donation organized by the committee, considering his poor health conditions. Mr. Sunil De Silva on behalf of the organizing committee handed over cash donation to Mr. Karunathilake. Addressing the gathering Mr. Karunathilake thanked the organizing committee for arranging such a donation which will be  a great support to use for his medical treatments.

Music group headed by Mr Sampath kept on providing entertainment music from start to the end. For those who wanted to sing and dance the floor was freely open. Hot drinks too available at a corner for those who wanted to enjoy it.

As usually the lunch was served from around 1.30 pm and the entire function came to an end around 4.00 pm. Everybody  enjoyed the get-together and left thanking the organizing committee and promising to meet again at the next get-together.

Since this organization was formed in 2009 the organizing committee managed to arrange seven get-togethers until this year. They managed to help the following selected among members with the available resources.

            Year                            Member’s Name                                Cash Donation (Rs.)

2013                            Mr.D.R. Kumarapeli ( T.A. )              100,000/=                               

( Mr. Kumarapeli passed away in 2012 due to a brain cancer,  and a cash donation of Rs.100,000/= was given  his wife. A  Scholarship was arranged to the daughter who was      studying in AL classes and   materials for school uniform also presented. 

2014                            Mr. Sarath Fernando                                       75,000/=

            2014                            Mr. J.P. Gallage                                              75,000/=


( Both of them were suffering from kidney problems and the cash donations were given  for their medical treatments )

2016                            Mr.J.S.W.Wickramasinghe                             50,000/=

            2016                            Mr. S.M.D.D. Senarathne                               50,000/=

2017                            Mr.Kamal De Silva                                         50,000/=

            2017                            Mr.Saman Fernando                                       25,000/= 

            2017                            Mr.H.B. Karunathilake                                   50,000/=


On behalf of all the members Mr Sunil De Silva handing over the Donation to Mr. H.B.Karunathilak Mr. Karunathilak addressing the gathering after receiving the Donation
Just before taking the start to Lime & Spoon Race for Ladies
Gents Get ready to start the Lime & Spoon race.



Rs 50000/= was donated by SLBC Ex Eng. Officers Organization to Mr. Kamal De Silva, former Technical officer who underwent a brain surgery recently.

Mr. Kamal De Silva is a member of SLBC Ex Eng. Officers Organization and we could make this financial support because of your kind donations made several times towards us from the inception of this organization..


Get-Together 2016

Ex-Engineering Officers of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation met again on April 24, 2016 at Green Garden, Kirulapona for their 6th consecutive get-together which is the only forum they have been meeting which was started in 2009. This year 157 participants were recorded and ex-officers, some of their spouses and some invitees were among the gathering. It was a sunny day and there were no obstacles to disturb the day’s program which started around 9 am after breakfast including Kiribath, Kevum and ended up with a late lunch which went on until 4 pm. Delivering the welcome speech Mr. Sunil de Silva, on behalf of the organizing committee thanked everybody who is present today, accepting the invitation sent by the organizing committee. He mentioned that this is the 6th consecutive get-together and it would have not been a success without the support of members who contributed financially as they did in previous occasions. He specially thanked organizing committee for working as a team from the inception in organizing this get-together which has become an annual event which every ex-engineering officer is awaiting to meet their colleagues. He further mentioned that the organizing committee is looking forward to organize such an event next year too, with the help of everybody.

The organizing committee had done a lot to make the event a success and they had started their work few months back. Members of the organization had helped the organizing committee in different ways and some of the members who live abroad had sent their financial contributions though they were not in a position to be present and meet their colleagues.

This year also the organizing committee had arranged financial donations of Rs.50,000.00 each for two members. One was suffering from kidney malfunctions and the other had complications due to Diabetic for a long period.

One donation was sponsored by Mr. Wasantha Amarasinghe who is living in Canada and on his request it was donated to Mr. J.S.W.Wickremasinghe. The other donation was arranged from the contributions made by members and it was donated to Mr. S.M.D.D. Senaratne . Both donations were handed over to the recipients by former Director Engineering Mr. T.D.Pathmasiri. Mr. Pathmasiri had been a regular attendee of the past get-togethers. At the previous year also two donations were arranged by the organizing committee and the two recipients were Mr. Sarath Fernando and Mr. Gallage who were suffering from kidney malfunctions. Each was donated with Rs.75,000.00 as a help to compensate their huge medical bills. Mr.Sarath Fernando who was sick for a long period passed away few months back. Mr. Anura de Silva was presented with a token of appreciation for the great human activity he has done by donating one kidney to a sick person who had been suffering from both kidney failures and looking for a kidney to survive from death. When Mr. Anura de Silva came to know about it he had come forward and donated one kidney demonstrating that he is a person with super human qualities. The token of appreciation was handed over by former Deputy Director General Engineering Mr. Lionel Pinto and the occasion was so emotional that everybody gave a standing ovation to respect the special human activity of Mr. Anura de Silva. By deciding to be a donor, he gave the gift of hope …..hope for the thousands of individuals awaiting kidney transplants and hope for the millions of individuals whose lives could be enhanced through such transplants. In fact, studies have shown that kidney donors actually live longer than the general population - because donors come from a pool of people in good health. Everybody gathered, did not forget to speak few words with him and wish him good health. Speaking after receiving the token of appreciation, responding to a question raised by the compeer, Mr. Silva mentioned that when he worked at Jaffna broadcasting station which was functioning in the Jaffna army camp during the war time, he had seen lot of soldiers sacrificing their lives to protect the country and he decided to donate a body part to protect the life of a sick person to survive from death.

There was a good participation for the games arranged by the organizers and musical chair for ladies and for gents took long time as many wanted to participate. Lime & spoon games for both ladies and gents were also there. Kanamutti game which is normally held in Sinhala & Tamil New Year season was also included in the game list. At last, Blowing balloons game was held and it took about one hour to complete all games. Then winners of games were presented their prizes by the organizing committee.

Dr.Godakanda, Chairman of Vendole Lanka who agreed to be present at the 6th get-together when he was invited few weeks back by the organizing committee, arrived while games were going on. He spent some time speaking to the gathering, handed over a cash donation to the organizing committee and left for another function. Dr.Godakanda contributed cash donations as well as material donations in several previous occasions.

This year 11 ex-officers had reached the age of 70 and they were respected by handing over a gift to each to mark their great services rendered to the broadcasting service. Majority of them had participated in all the six get-togethers showing their willingness to work as a team.

Music group “Balora” led by Luxman Perera & Anura Perera entertained the gathering and as usual some members also contributed by singing songs. Mr. Chatrapani Peiris presented few mouth organ recitals. There was adequate time for everybody to enjoy as they wanted. Around 2 pm when compeer announced lunch was ready only ladies and few gents were seen joining the lunch queue. Others took about another hour to finish their drinks and move towards the lunch queue. Anyway some had their lunch around 4pm.

At the end every member thanked the organizing committee for arranging the get-together and vowed to be present next year too.

Mr. Anura De Silva receives a token of
appreciation from Mr. Lionel Pinto
Mr. Wickremasinghe receives a financial
donation from Mr. T.D.Pathmasiri
Dr. Godakanda handing over a cash donation to Mr. Sunil De Silva of the organizing Committee

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2016 EVENT 

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Eeffectiveness of the
Team Work

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Our Beginning of SLBCEEOO
For many years, whenever some of us met at various functions, we were talking about a way of arranging a get-together of former colleagues. While some of us were talking about it, our colleagues at Ekala Transmitters started in 1996 an Association for staff worked and working at Ekala. They had an annual get-together in which they later accommodated others too. Due to various difficulties, specially being away from Colombo, expansion of this activity was not possible. In 2009, when met at another function few of us decided to go ahead and turn what we were talking about to an actuality. With the full blessings of the pioneers of the Ekala function, we formed a small committee with MAU Manthriratne as the senior member.

At the first meeting of this committee in August 2009, we decided to have the first get-together in December 12. Almost everybody who gathered there were

very happy to meet former colleagues – some were after 15 – 20 years.
 Few who were anxious to attend the get-together could not make it – due to health reasons, prior commitments, away from country etc.. The committee who sacrificed little of their time and money was very happy with the outcome as hundred and three (103) colleagues attended and with spouses it was hundred and thirty-five (135).

The Association hopes :

a. to increase the sense of fellowship in former engineering staff

b. to afford guidance and encouragement to present staff if and when necessity arises.

c. to create a Trust Fund.

The members of SLBCEEOO are the former members of the engineering staff who have been working at Radio SEAC / Radio Ceylon / CBC / SLBC.

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