Name David Buell
Date of Joined 1948
Date of release 10th June 1979
Position Held The Director (Engineering)
  He was called to rest on the 10th June 1979.
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Name Mr J.A. Herath Bsc.(Cey) , CH.Eng. FIEE, MIEE(Lond.) , MIERE (Lond.)
Date of Joined 1971
Date of release 1995
Position Held Additional Deputy Director General Engineering
  He passed away after a brief illness on the 3rd of July 2010 at aged 77.
  Articles Tribute to Lal Herath - by Upali Jayasinghe
    Appreciation of Lal Herath




Name Lal Alwis
Date of Joined S.L.B.C 6th. October 1961
Date of release Retired  11th July 1997
Position Held  
  He passed away 15th May 2004
  Articles Tribute to lal Alwis by K.N.Gunawardena

Name A.B. Fernando
Date of Joined Department of Broadcasting in 15th July 1957.
Date of release 1984.
Position Held  
  He was called to rest on the 28th July 1984.
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W.S.E. Fernando. ( Srilal )

Date of Joined S.L.B.C.  1968
Date of release Retired from I.T.N. 2001
Position Held

I.T.N as Deputy General  Manager (Engineering )

He was called to rest on the 14th January 2009 at the age of 65 years.
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Name R.E.H.Perera
Date of Joined Radio Ceylon as a technical officer in 1948
Date of release 27th of May 1980
Position Held Director Engineering
He was called to rest on the 19th of February 2010 at the age of 90
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Name W.A.D. Sumathipala
Date of Joined 2nd September 1962
Date of release Retired 2nd June 1997
Position Held  

He Passed  away 19th May 2009

  Articles Tribute to W.A.D. Sumathipala - By Jinadasa amarasekara





Name Upali Illukkubura
Date of Joined Joined   1961
Date of release

Retired   1996

Position Held  

He Passed  Passed away 6thApril  2010




Name P.S.Dharmasiri
Date of Joined 19. 09 .1954
Date of release


Position Held  

He Passed  Passed away 15th December 1995




Name D.C.Kelaniyage
Date of Joined  
Date of release


Position Held  

He Passed  Passed away




Date of Joined  
Date of release


Position Held  

He Passed  Passed away 4th November 2012





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