Poorly chosen font transforms shop’s Halloween message into something very rude

An image of a Halloween product in a British shop has been mocked online after someone noticed the ‘trick or treat’ sign looks like it says something else – and it’s quite rude

A poorly chosen font has transformed the message on a Halloween product into something very rude.

An image of the product has been shared on Reddit, and it shows a cut-out of a black cat with twine around its neck, with the message ‘trick or treat’ written on the bottom half.

But thanks to the ‘spooky’ red font, the message is a little confused as many of the letters in ‘trick’ have blurred together – making it look like it reads ‘f**’ or treat’.

After the picture was shared on Reddit, many users rushed to the post to comment their opinion, and one user said: “There’s no way this wasn’t intentional.”

And another added: “I shudder to imagine what ‘treat’ entails.”

“How do these things slip the attention of those in charge? Asked a fourth user. “At some point, this design must have crossed various desks of various people in charge, surely they aren’t all so dull, boring and out of touch with reality that they fail to notice these cock-ups.”

But to the last point, one Reddit user had an answer. They added: “You cannot imagine how cheaply this stuff is made in foreign countries by workers who wouldn’t get the context of the word even if they checked.

“It probably did get seen by someone eventually and that’s why it’s in a discount store and not a major supermarket.”